Dan is a regular guy in his early 40’s who is a husband, dad, son, introvert, vegan, ….well you get the point. Labels and titles aside, He is a unique personality and esoteric thinker who is honest, transparent, entertaining, and at times controversial.

During the day, working in the corporate world Dan keeps things pretty straight laced which is a challenge! A creative outlet is needed to expand upon the professional work he does and this space is the vehicle to move this passion of his art of living.

Here Dan goes deep with his passion of music by sharing and discussing the art that has left a lasting impression with him. Not all will be serious here there will also be ramblings about gaming, sports, pro wrestling, movies, shows and any other randomness that comes to his mind.

Dan resides in Northwest Connecticut with his wife, 2 sons and dog. He earned a Bachelor Of Science degree in Sociology with a minor is Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University and a Masters Of Business Administration from Albertus Magnus College. Dan has nearly 20 years of progressive professional experience in corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit sectors.